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Thursday, December 18, 2008 @ 8:58 AM| 0 comments
Music: Twilight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 2008

I love this sound track. I like most of the songs in this CD and its very rare that one can find such a complete sound track. The last time I loved a complete sound track was Matrix I think and may be because it had the kind of music that I generally listened to. No, never liked the kinds of Lion King or other animation movies, since I am not such a fan of ballads. I do own those CDs but its not like I like every song in them. But Twilight, beats every other OST CD that I own. A friend presented this CD to me as a gift (belated gift for my birthday, one month ago exactly from yesterday) and I listened to this music, then watched the movie and then read the novels. How weird is that? Here are songs from the sound track and scenes from movie when its played.

1. Supermassive black hole by Muse
This song is played when cullens play base ball in thunder. I think this song is perfect for the scene with good guitar score against thunder storm back drop.

2. Decode by Paramore
Final Credit roll.

3. Full moon by Black Ghosts
Bella and Charlie are driving to Forks, Washington when she arrives from Phoenix, Arizona.

4. Leave out all the rest by Linkin Park
Credits (I think)

5. Spotlight (twilight mix) by Mute Math
This song is played when Edward and Bella make their first public appearance together, as a couple. They arrive to school together.

Bella : "Why is everyone staring?"
Edward: "Not that guy." He pauses for a second. "Oh he just did"
Edward: "I am breaking all the rules here, since I am going to hell" (I know this is a little different from the book)

6 Go all the way by Perry Farrell
This is the part where Edward and Bella first walk into the prom and see Jessica and Mike.

7. Tremble for my beloved by Collective soul
My favorite song at the moment (read obsessed). Played when Edward saves Bella from Tyler's car. Lyrics explain Edward's thoughts/mood perfectly.

8. I caught myself by Paramore
Played when girls are picking up prom dresses.

9. Eyes on fire by Blue Foundation
When Edward avoids Bella in the begining and she waits for him to turn up in school.

10. Never think by Robert Pattinson
Edward and Bella at restaurant in Port Angeles. Perhaps the lamest song of the lot as its impossible to hear what he singing.

11. Flightless bird american mouth by Iron and Wine
Edward and Bella prom dance, Edward denies to change her.

12. Bella's lullaby By Carter burwell
Orchestra, perhaps the most beautiful composition and suits the mood, the pace and the novel perfectly. This music is played serveral times in the movie. The meadow sequence is a little different in movie, but its played when they are lying around there. Also played when Bella visits Edwards house, Edward plays this on his piano.

13. Let me sign (bonus track) by Rob Pattinson
This song is played Edward sucks venom out of Bella (in the end). While saving her life there is a flashback of their life together. After few moments, Bella's lullaby picks up.

14 La Traviata by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
This scene is exclusive to movie. Cullens wait for Bella's arrivale to their home by preparing dinner for her. The song is played when they cook till Bella and Edward arrive.

15. Clair De Lune by Debussy (The APM Orchestra)
In book this song is played by Edward in his car when they are driving back from Port Angeles. Bella acknowledges that she likes the singer too. In movie though, when Bella visits Cullens for first time, she is in Edward room, sees that he has lots of music and turns on the system to find out what he was currently listening to.
Edward and Bella dance for this song.

-- Grab a CD if you find one. Its worth your money.


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Wednesday, December 17, 2008 @ 8:55 PM| 0 comments
Movie: Hindi: Ijaazat (1987)

The first time I tried to watch this movie was when I was bored out of my mind and a friend recommended me this movie. After twenty minutes into the movie, I felt like pulling my hair out. In the end I had watched a teen slasher horror movie to get myself out of my self inflicted boredom. But a few weeks later, I decided to give this movie another try and I simply fell in love with the maturity in which the characters handles themselves. This is not a movie that one might want to watch to relieve themselves of boredom. This is a movie to be watched for the sake of enjoying a fantastic movie, amazing music and good acting.
A divorced couple meet in railway station waiting room to wait out the night for their next train and they get to talk. Sudha (Rekha) is engaged to Mahinder (Nasseruddin Shah) who has an affair with Maya (Anuradha Patel). Mahinder marries Sudha and its an arranged marriage. Maya is the complexity which the movie offers you as she readily accepts Sudha as her sister and yet she continues to meet Mahinder. Its little surprising when a girl like Maya, who writes amazing poetry cannot fathom the fact that once a guy is married, then she had to maintain a distance. Director gives a response for this dilemma. Maya is a free bird, an independent soul who loves wind, poetry, obscure paintings and Mahinder. He has inspired her to write poetry and in him she finds a crazy security. Sudha leaves Mahinder when she realizes that she would never take the place of Maya nor could she influence her husband to lead the life that she wants till Maya was in his life. She leaves her husband. After this the story is verbally finished by Mahinder in that waiting room (thank fully) and Sudha comes to know that Maya died in accident after she came to know that she herself was the reason for Mahinder's divorce. In the end Sudha touches Mahinder's feet and takes his permission to leave with her new husband, Shahshi Kapoor. This part threw me off because in the whole movie Sudha is one stable character and one of the most independent one and also someone who has come in terms with ground reality. She doesn't throw a tantrum when she finds Maya's stuff in her house. She doesn't yell at her husband when he comes home late after hanging out with Maya. At times it looks as if it was her resigned acceptance of the situation. But in the end it really shows that she did care when her husband neglected her. But it was her pride which had stopped her from claiming something that she knew in her heart that it would never belong to her. By touching his feet she gives him the status of someone above her as our society preaches - patriarchy. She gives him the respect that he was denied of irrespective of his own short comings. In the end she walks away with her husband and Mahinder is left gaping at the happy couple.
This is one movie where I love Rekha's acting. She has an amazing voice and in this movie it is her asset. She is poised, dignified and calm; three things that we fail to see in characters of most movies where extra marital affair is involved. When she finds Maya's items that are lying around the house, she simply hunts further and collects all of them. Of course Maya's reply is poetry to that which has this immortal song -Mera kuch samaan, a haunting melody.
This is one of my all time favorite movie and its something that I can watch any day, any time.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 @ 9:34 PM| 2 comments
Movie: Korean: A man who was superman (2008)

This movie was a random pick and I am very glad that I was lucky to watch this. At first glance, the movie comes off as your typical feel-good-eye-opener movie but as the movie progresses, it simply shows the reflection of a disappointed man when a series of tragedies takes place around him. The man's (Superman) name is never revealed in this movie. He wears a Hawaii shirt and a red cape. His duty: save people. The female protagonist (from My Sassy Girl - I love her acting), who wants to be the next big thing in television for humane interest stories meets with this Superman in a typical damsel-in-distress fashion. Its obvious to everyone that the man is clearly delusional (He thinks that the bad guys have lodged Kryptonite in his head) but everyone respects him as he actually helps people around him. I am guessing its a very subtle way of telling people that one can be a super hero if he truly believes that he is one. The lady manages to convince him to be a part of her new documentary which is an instant hit. Out of curiosity, she gets him to go for an X-Ray which reveals that there is actually something in his head.
The background story of Superman is an expected one. He with his family gets into an accident and he is unable to save his son and his wife. During this crisis, no one helps him. At that moment, he becomes superman.
One thing I absolutely loved in this film is the way that man believes that he is a super hero. He does not save the world, he does not fight bad guys nor he does not stop robbery. He helps a man carry his overloaded bag at an uphill. He climbs trees to get the kite out of a branch when a street urchin asks his help. He plays shuttle-badminton with a little girl to keep her entertained. He chases a purse snatcher and manages to retrieve the purse for the lady protagonist. His deeds are not dramatic nor are they very life altering. They are real. Those incidents happen all around us, everyday. He does all these tasks with a happy face. For him, its not his responsibility; its his job and thats what he does.
I think I will watch this movie again sometime later. Definitely one of my favorites!

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Monday, December 15, 2008 @ 8:07 PM| 3 comments
Movie: Twilight (2008)

I decided to watch this movie because the main male lead was Cedric Diggory; well, actually the guy, Robert Pattinson, who played that character at least. I am not sure what should I make of the movie. When I first watched, it looked like an OK movie. There are some fight scenes where you can actually see wires around people if you pay attention. Besides these, the movie is actually entertaining. But once I read the book, the movie fell way short of expectation. I mean, look at Harry Potter series. Its hard to cover the amount of detail that JK puts in her books but the movies come very close to the books (there are few exceptions here and there) except perhaps Prizoner of Azkaban and to an extent Goblet of Fire but more or less the script is aligned with the original novels. But in Twilight, they have deviated to an extent that the sequels will definitely fall flat on their noses. There are too many things missing, too many scenes which are totally wrong and certain characters are altogether different. The acting is decent but its the music that really blows you away. If you have read the novel, then pay attention to music. The songs actually manages to summarize the scenes very well. The best scene in this movie would be when the Cullens play baseball in thunder storm. Awesome!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008 @ 5:26 PM| 2 comments
Tru Blood: Season 1 - Episode 1: Pilot

I was very much in need of an ego boost so I searched for "Sookie" over the net. The first seven pages in Google talked about one "Sookie Stackhouse" and the name was associated to "Tru Blood", a television serial premiered this Autumn on HBO. So, naturally, I gave in to my over curious nature of knowing all obscure and useless facts, I read about this drama on Wiki.
My initial take on this drama was a little disappointing. It was yet another human lady falling in love with vampire thing. There is only so much of Buffy that one can take, with twilight and everything going on. But Tru Blood turned out to be a refreshing change. There is no sense of rationality in the serial at all when the vampires are given an equal status as that of human. There is a synthetic blood available? I have to give the creative team a brownie for the originality at least. And then there are characters. The main reason, apart from plot line, which made me watch this series was Anna Paquin. I have seen most of the movies in which she acted as a child star, including "The Piano", for which she won an Oscar. As usual, she is brilliant in her performance with southern accent of a telepathic bar-maid. Her fixation on a 143 year old vampire, Bill, is a little too obvious plot line, but their chemistry is not. I liked this series maybe because of its lack of modesty when it comes to promiscuous nature of the characters or even portraying them on the screen and pulling it off not making the viewers think that its porn or maybe because the characters are wonderfully next-doorish, flaws and all.
I think I am going to watch the rest of the episodes of season one. Anna Paquin is nominated for Golden Globe for her role. I sincerely hope that she wins this one.

~Sookie (Ironic for this post :-) )

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