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skin by: Jane
Thursday, February 12, 2009 @ 12:47 AM| 0 comments
Anime: Hellsing - TV series and OVA

It has been a while since I have obsessed over an anime. The last time this happened, it was for "Trinity Blood" and "Paradise Kiss". The former is a vampire based story with a semi-happy ending and the latter is downright depressing.
But Hellsing, breaks all barriers and took me to a fantastic journey of spectacular art work. The storyline itself is quite simple; a half a millennium old vampire (the one on the inset picture) works for Hellsing corporation. He (it?) changes a police girl into a vampire.
I have seen many interpretation of vampires in various media - TV Series, Anime, books, movies etc, but Hellsing offers weirdest explanation of all. It even beats Twilight's theories. According to Alucard (a very, very, very old vampire and notice that his name spelled backwards means "Dracula") a vampire can change a human only if the human is of the opposite sex and is a virgin. Thats how the police girl becomes a vampire and his fledgling.
Apart from obvious storyline (its not good vs. evil, its evil vs. eviler) and stunning artwork, its a great entertainment if one is a fan of violence and hardcore action. In this series, conversations range from witty to downright cynical. The only element that is not found in this series is perhaps, romance. From frame one, there is blood, blood and more blood. The whole series is one messy business. One might fall in love with the first scene of the series or they might switch channels after they see the first scene or they might switch off TV and try to get the image out of their head. Yes, the first scene is that gory and horror filled. Its extremely fascinating to see the perception of this hero who tries not to be a hero and is happy being a monster. He knows he is a monster and never tries to be anything but. He gives a loud guttural satisfied moan when he kills ghouls (humans bit by vampires but are not turned to vampires). His boss, Sir Integra Hellsing, is a bitch. She orders him around since he takes orders from only her as Alucard is in a binding contract with the Hellsing family for generations.
Seras Victoria, the newly formed vampire, Alucard's fledgling, is a woman torn between humanity and immortality. While Alucard is amused by her indecisiveness when it comes to drinking blood, Integra is irritated. As the series progresses, she is one character that grows strong on episode basis. She finally accepts her mortality and drinks her master, that is Alucard's blood. Alucard seems to soften around her and is always amused with her actions. For him, her point of view is interesting and entirely refreshing.
What to watch out for: All fight scenes (which thankfully makes up 95% of the show) and background music. Of course, there is Alucard; he has been given most amusing lines and sometimes most cynical ones, even for a vampire.
Many claim that Hellsing is one of the best Anime that has been released in past one decade. I am not sure if thats entirely true, but it definitely is one of the best around.


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