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Thursday, May 21, 2009 @ 9:23 PM| 0 comments
Criminal Minds: Season 4 - Episode 25,26: To hell and back

Where do I start? I have been meaning to write something about the season finale which I finished watching about thirty minutes ago, but whatever I come up with looks pretty lame. This season has been wonderful; in casting, storyline, performances etc. This show has always managed to have a decent finale and I thought they cannot get better than what they did in season three which was Hotch getting blown up. I honestly had not seen this coming. The Reaper coming back to say hello to Hotch? I think this is the beauty of this show. The way characters are used across episodes and not wasting an opportunity to give a sudden twist using them.
To Hell And Back - was not really a one man's episode. In season four, somehow every episode has someone from team getting involved in a bigger way than the others. But in this episode it was complete team effort. Even Garcia flew down to the crime scene which in itself is a rare scenario. It was a lengthy episode running as long as 84 minutes which is almost length of motion picture. There were few moments when I felt that it was little slow for my taste; if you are accustomed to the speed in which the crime is solved, then this one is far longer in that aspect. It could be because of the vastness geographies of the victims and the unsub(s).
In essence, the storyline is not as great as some episodes that I have seen in past; Minimal Loss, Pleasure is my business, Omnivore, Bloodline or A shade of Gray. But the beauty of the episode comes in characterization and the clean story telling. Of course, this case is quite unique with brothers (one paralyzed from neck down and the older retarded) being the killers and having killed 89 people in past few years; the thought itself is horrifying.
Dave Rossi in this season is written very nicely. He is like the uncle that everyone in the family likes, loves and relies on. His witty comebacks though borderlines on sarcasm always hit home.
Spencer Reid has always hinted on how things are going to turn out. His transition from a brilliant profiler to an insecure and afraid young man - when he asks Hotch if things were going to turn out OK was excellent.
Emily Prentiss speaks what everyone thinks but don't speak. Her conversations with Rossi are a hoot.
This is the first episode where there is no ending note which neatly summarizes the case or the day or the type of victim or unsub that they have encountered. For the first time, Hotch speaks honest words; words of a man who stands toe to toe with sickest of minds which are capable of most horrifying crimes that one cannot even imagine.
What I loved about his monologue is that it was real. In very simplistic terms, he explained the action of one person can cause a chain of reactions among plenty even if most of them are strangers. The emotional taxing that the team take eveytime with a case like this would make them darker with each passing day. Its that look of resignation that he sports about one minute away from the ending of the show which made me realize that something is wrong; very, very wrong. In the background, Foyet/The Reaper comes out with a gun. He says, "You should have made that deal". Screen fades and we hear a gun shot.

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Monday, May 18, 2009 @ 8:06 PM| 0 comments
Bones: Season 4 - Episode 26: The end in the beginning

Every season, these guys have screwed up their finale. Last season, that is season 3, people dubbed "Pain in the heart" to "Pain in the ass". It was that bad. This finale went into a whole new tangent; the one that no one saw coming. Hart Hanson, the show's creator promised during mid-season that the fans see BB in a whole new light which loosely dubbed means, perhaps, romantically. And so we did. In Booth's hallucination. I mean come on, when I saw last three episodes, I was really glad to see more lab work, interesting case, more psychology and actual growth of characters. I loved "Mayhem in the cross", which is episode 21, (I think I will do a separate write-up on that one. I will have to watch it again!) solely because, I saw Temperance Brennan the way I wanted to see her in season 2 or 3; understanding and continuously evolving. It looks as if there is a set of writers who write this Brennan I like and there are various other set of writers who are still stuck in cynical and monotonous Brennan of season 1. Its very confusing to keep up with the characterization! Well, I did not like season finale mostly because I knew from the start that it was fully fake. All the characters made an appearance on a loosely based dime-a-dozen gang based thriller novel whose authors are heavily inspired by Mario Puzo and Tom Clancy. To make the long story short, BB own a club called "The Lab" (lame!) where Sweets is a bar tender, Anjela is a hostess, Cam is a cop and Jared her partner, Clarke, my favorite assistant is a rapper, zack is Brennan's assistant, Daisy is a waitress and so long. There is a murder, whole lot of suspicions, finally find out Jared did it for some obnoxious reason and finally we see Booth awakens from coma. This is some kind of freaky dream sequence in his coma which viewers made to watch which we now know that it does not add a tiny bit to the main storyline thus wasting one hour of my time only to drop a bomb in the end when Booth asks Brennan - "Who are you?"
As if it matters anymore.

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