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skin by: Jane
Monday, July 5, 2010 @ 3:09 PM| 0 comments
Movie: English: Shutter Island (2010)

I watched this because it has Leo Di Caprio and Martin Scorsese combination. And to top it, it's a psychological thriller.
I both liked and disliked the movie. I have not read the novel so the story seemed fresh for me. But it was kind of redundant in many places.
There have been many movies, dramas both in English and Asian where war hero loses his mind for various reasons (mostly guilt driven) and snaps when his life returns to ordinary. The brutal part of the war is shown in a ghastly manner which numbed me for a minute. The goth style is amazingly done and the period authenticity is well maintained.
I wish the story was not this predictable. There are traces of evidences of the real mystery all over the place and it gets evident from scene one. And later on it gets more obvious and there are few scenes added which could have been well edited. I am not sure the depth to which the novel delves into (it is on my buy-to list so I will get there eventually) which perhaps would have made me appreciate the movie more or dislike more.
Besides that, it was a treat to watch Leo. I have liked him in all his movies post Gangs of Newyork, the movie from which he lost his androgynous look and put on lot of weight and looked more of a man than a boy. The traces of that Leo is obviously not there but the intensity is signature Di Caprio. There are few scenes in the movie, the long shot of the island, the shot of watch tower and the military camp scenes which scream Scorsese.
A good watch if there is nothing on television or DVD backlogs and I watched it because I am plain sick :-)

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